Using Python with SFTP

Learn how to use Python with SFTP

Uploading and downloading files with Python is a great way to automate transfers or build out support for SFTP inside you application.

How to use SFTP with Python

Using Python with SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) can be accomplished using the paramiko library, which allows you to create SSH connections and perform file operations securely. Here's a basic guide on how to use Python with SFTP using paramiko:

  1. Install Paramiko: Before you can use Paramiko, you need to install it. You can install it via pip:

    pip install paramiko
  2. Connect to the SFTP Server: Below is an example of how to connect to an SFTP server using Paramiko:

    import paramiko
    # Define SFTP connection parameters
    hostname = ''
    port = 22
    username = 'your_username'
    password = 'your_password'
    # Create an SSH client
    ssh_client = paramiko.SSHClient()
    # Connect to the SFTP server
    ssh_client.connect(hostname, port, username, password)
    # Create an SFTP session
    sftp = ssh_client.open_sftp()
    # Now you can perform SFTP operations
  3. Perform SFTP Operations: Once you've established an SFTP connection, you can perform various operations such as uploading files, downloading files, listing directory contents, creating directories, etc. Here are a few examples:

    • Upload a file:

      local_file = '/path/to/local/file.txt'
      remote_file = '/path/to/remote/file.txt'
      sftp.put(local_file, remote_file)
    • Download a file:

      remote_file = '/path/to/remote/file.txt'
      local_file = '/path/to/local/file.txt'
      sftp.get(remote_file, local_file)
    • List directory contents:

      directory = '/path/to/directory'
      files = sftp.listdir(directory)
    • Create a directory:

      new_directory = '/path/to/new/directory'
  4. Close the Connection: After you've finished with the SFTP operations, make sure to close the connection:


By following these steps, you can use Python to interact with SFTP servers securely and perform various file operations. Make sure to handle exceptions and errors appropriately, especially when dealing with network connections and file operations.

Using Paramiko and Python with Couchdrop

Couchdrop has full support for SFTP uploads with python using Paramiko. Simply use your Couchdrop hostname and credentials and you can connect to Couchdrop like any other SFTP server.

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