Creating an Automation

Learn how to create a new transfer automation


Creating a new transfer automation is a simple process. It can be done in a few steps from the Couchdrop Web App, by administrators and authorised users.


To get started, you will most likely need the following:

  • A folder, or connection details to a remote server or cloud storage provider that you want to poll for new files or changes

  • A destination folder

  • Details regarding required actions

Steps to Create Automation

Follow the steps below to create a new automation:

  1. Login to the Couchdrop Web App

  2. Click Transfer Automations and then Create New Transfer

  3. Choose a name for your new automation. This is to make management easier.

  4. Choose a source and select a file or folder for Couchdrop to poll

  5. Choose matching conditions

  6. Choose required actions

  7. Configure notifications

  8. Configure scheduling. Scheduling is optional and automations can be triggered on-demand through web hooks or manually from the Couchdrop Web App.

Your automation should now be configured.

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