Amazon S3

Learn how to configure a connection to Amazon S3 with Couchdrop


Connecting Couchdrop to an Amazon S3 bucket is done using an IAM keyset. It can be completed in a few minutes if you have the right access in AWS.


To connect to Amazon S3 in Couchdrop you will need:

  • An S3 Bucket already configured

  • An AWS IAM Key

  • An AWS IAM Secret

  • The AWS region

  • The IAM role must have adequate access to S3 and the targeted bucket

Configuration Steps

  1. Log in to Couchdrop and add a new storage connection

  2. Select Amazon S3 from the list of available connections

  3. Provide the details above

  4. Click Test Connection

  5. Select a subfolder or bucket in S3 from the browser

  6. Click Save Settings

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