Custom Domains

Learn about custom domains and whitelabelling in Couchdrop

Create your own secure, customer-facing file transfer portals by applying your branding to Couchdrop.

Before beginning this process, we recommend you have good quality logos and your brand guide (with hex colours) available.

Configure Couchdrop Whitelabelling

  1. Log in to Couchdrop as the Owner user.

  2. Navigate to Administration → Whitelabelling

  3. Whitelabelling can be configured separately for the main Couchdrop web portal and/or the Shared Link and Inbox landing pages. Check the options you wish to enable and provide a Company Name. Optionally, provide your own domain which is configured to point to Couchdrop. Use a DNS CNAME for this, eg: ->

  4. Enter hex codes for your custom colours and upload your logos. You may need to manipulate the dimensions of your logo files to best suit the page layout before uploading them. Portal settings apply to the main Couchdrop login page and web portal interface. Inbox Branding applies to Shared Links and Inboxes.

  5. Click Save Settings when all configuration is complete.

Custom branding examples:

  1. Couchdrop login page.

  2. Couchdrop main web portal.

  3. Inbox portal.

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