Folder Permissions

Learn about configuring folder permissions in Couchdrop

Couchdrop allows administrators to define complex permissions on folders and their child files. Permissions apply across the board regardless of the accessing system and can be used to ensure that appropriate access levels are maintained.

Folder Permissions

When viewing a folder, permissions can be applied. Couchdrop applies an inheritance model to permissions, which means folders inherit the permissions of their closest parent.

When enabling permissions on a folder you must keep in mind:

  • By default, access to the folder will be denied to all users

  • Enabling permissions on a folder breaks the inherited permissions

To grant access you must:

  • Select a user or group for the permission

  • Add user roles.

User roles in Couchdrop are very granular:

Role NameDescription

List Contents

Allow the listing of child files and folders

Get Properties

Get properties for child files and folders


Delete child files and folders


Upload files into this folder


Download and read files in this folder


Create shared links for files and folder

Create Inbox

Create an inbox for this folder and all children

Manage Permissions

Manage permissions on this folder

Manage Notifications

Manage notifications on this folder

Folder Sharing

Folder sharing works the same as folder permissions with one caveat. If a folder is shared, then it will appear in the users root directory as a link.

Folder sharing is enabled by checking "Appear in users home directory" when configuring permissions.

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