External SFTP Server

Learn how to connect Couchdrop to an external SFTP server folder


Couchdrop can be connected to an external SFTP (or FTPs) server folder in a few simple steps.


To connect to an external SFTP server with Couchdrop you will need:

  • The hostname or IP address for the external server

  • The port number (normally 22)

  • A username for the external server

  • The password or private key for the server

  • Access to the folder you want to connect

Configuration Steps

  1. Log in to Couchdrop and add a new storage connection

  2. Select SFTP Server from the list of available connections

  3. Provide the configuration details as listed above

  4. Click Test Connection

  5. Choose a subfolder from the folder selector

  6. Click Save Settings

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