Learn about Storage with Couchdrop SFTP


Traditional SFTP and FTP servers use local storage and most cloud hosted SFTP servers provide some level of storage. Couchdrop is a bit different in this regard. Rather than including storage that is on disk, Couchdrop connects to your storage platform.

We support over 30 different cloud storage engines, including:

  • Dropbox

  • SharePoint

  • Google Drive

  • Amazon S3

  • Backblaze B2

  • Wasabi

  • Azure Files

  • External SFTP and FTP servers

  • Microsoft Windows File Servers

This means that you can bring your own storage to Couchdrop and use SFTP on top of your existing collection of folders and documents.

We do offer storage, but we are using Amazon S3 buckets to store that data. Meaning that you benefit from the amazing reliability and security of Amazon S3 without having to worry about the config.

Connecting Storage to Couchdrop

Learn about connecting Cloud Storage:

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