Connecting to SharePoint online is fast to set up and fully supported in Couchdrop. Couchdrop uses the Microsoft Graph API, which is the recommended method for connecting to SharePoint and OneDrive.

There are two different authentication methods available with SharePoint Online, Delegate Access or Application Access. The Couchdrop team recommends you use the default Delegate Access method, as it's simpler to configure.

Configuring Delegate access involves a standard OAuth login, and Application Access requires creating a custom application in your Azure Domain.

To use Application Access see Other Connectors


To connect to SharePoint online in Couchdrop using Delegate Access you will need:

  • An account in SharePoint

  • The account needs to be licensed

  • The account has access to the sites you are wanting to connect to

  • You have the SharePoint domain/hostname on hand

Configuration Steps

  1. Log in to Couchdrop and add a new storage connection

  2. Select SharePoint from the list of available connections and set the connection name

  3. Provide your SharePoint domain/hostname in the field required

  4. Click Connect to Sharepoint and authorize the connection through the popup window. You will be required to log in to SharePoint with your account

  5. Check that the status is connected successfully

  6. Choose a SharePoint Site, Document Library, User or Folder

  7. Click Save Settings

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