Malware Scanning

Learn about Malware Scanning in Couchdrop


Couchdrop has support for scanning data prior to uploading through our integrated malware scanner. This functionality is an additional paid add-on, so reach out to if you do not have it enabled.

Malware scanning must be configured on folders to become active. This is because most customers do not want it across the board.

Malware FAQs

Why do I need Couchdrop Malware Scanning?

Couchdrop's automated malware scanning provides an additional layer of protection for customers who are receiving files from external parties and wish to ensure the integrity of the files entering their infrastructure and file pipelines. While many cloud platforms (SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) have a layer of protection, other platforms do not offer this natively.

How do I enable Malware Scanning?

Access to this functionality can be requested via Once enabled, you can enable malware scanning for specific folders.

What is the underlying Malware Scanning mechanism?

Malware Scanning is provided by ClamAV (

Malware scanning is limited to files that are 1GB or less.

Is it possible to modify the scanning behaviour?

No. Admins cannot adjust the scan behaviour. Where can I find events generated by Malware Scanning?

Events will appear as "malware_scan_failed" under the reporting section of your admin portal.

Which storage platforms support Malware Scanning?

You can enable Malware Scanning for any storage platform that can be connected to Couchdrop. Once you have connected your storage to Couchdrop, you must enable scanning on that folder.

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