Alerting and Notifications

Learn about alerting and notifications in Couchdrop

Couchdrop has three different mechanisms for alerting and notifications. Each is independant of the other and is managed slightly differently.

Global Alerting

Global alerting lives across the tenant and provides the broadest framework for providing notifications on events. You can configure global alerting to notify users when:

  • A file is uploaded or downloaded

  • A user logs in

  • An event fails

These notifications are configured under Administration --> Reporting --> Alerting

Notifications are either by email or via web hooks. Couchdrop expects a HTTP 200 response to web hooks or else it will retry 15 times with an exponential backoff.

Folder Alerting

Folder alerting offers the same alerting facilities as Global Alerting, but they are configured and bound to a folder and its children.

Folder alerting is configured through the manage folder menu and can be configured globally as folder settings under Administration --> Permissions.

Folder alerting supports the following events:

  • A file is uploaded or downloaded

  • An event fails

File Actions

Alerting can also be configured as an action in File Actions.

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