Storage Connections

Learn about storage connections in Couchdrop

The key difference between Couchdrop and other SFTP servers, is that Couchdrop works with your Cloud Storage instead of local hard disks. This means you can turn any storage platform, shared drive or server into a SFTP and MFT server in a matter of seconds.

Couchdrop is also not limited to one particular storage integration, rather you can mount hundreds of stores in Couchdrop and they appear as independent folders. Neato right!

Connecting External Storage

To connect to over 30 different cloud platforms of a server the process is simple. You will of course need credentials or an API keyset for the storage you want to connect, but that aside, the process is simple.

Step 1: Create new Connection

From the Browser or Storage Admin, click Add Storage Integration. This will pop open a modal window with some options.

Step 2: Choose a new folder name

Storage connections appear as folders in Couchdrop. So a crucial step in this process is to choose a folder name and location. Couchdrop supports nestling storage connections as well.

Step 3: Choose a connection type and configure it

Next up - choose a connection type. At this stage, you will be redirected to the configuration panel to manage this connection.

For detailed information, see the child articles here or reach out to support.

Common Storage Integrations

Couchdrop supports over 30 different storage platforms. The most common ones are well documented.

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