Common questions and answers for Couchdrop

Can you access my data?

Couchdrop’s support team may access your file metadata (not file data) and logs for support purposes only. Couchdrop’s engineering staff have access to the underlying technology that can access metadata and log information and the storage locations of the actual data. The encryption keys required to decrypt the actual data are stored in a key-management escrow service operated by Doppler.

It is possible within the product to block Couchdrop employees' access within the application. It is a check box under Administration -> Security.

Note, if you do require support, Couchdrop may request you enable this or join them for a screen sharing session.

Does Couchdrop lockout users after to many failed attempts?

Yes, see Account Lockout for more details

Where is my data stored?

Couchdrop stores configuration and metadata in the USA, deep inside fort Amazon AWS. For more information on our approach to data soverienty and security, visit our trusts center https://trust.couchdrop.io

Do I have to connect my own storage?

No no, we hear you. Couchdrop comes with storage through AWS. Learn more about this Storage

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