Supported Actions

Learn about supported Actions with Transfer Automations in Couchdrop


Couchdrop supports several key actions when configuring and managing automations. These actions modify or move files that are being processed by Couchdrop.

Action Nestling

Actions can be nestled in Automations, which means one action depends on the success and output of the previous action. This is a unique feature of Couchdrop and allows for very complex scenarios.

If a sub-action fails, then Couchdrop will not continue to process any child actions

Available Actions

The following actions are available in Couchdrop

Action TypeDescription

Send Web-hook

Fire a HTTP web-hook with metadata regarding the file object to the specified URL endpoint

Rename file

Rename the file without copying the file to a new location

Move file

Copy the file to a new location and delete the file from the source location


Copy the file to a new location, retaining the original file in the source

Delete file

Delete the file

Compress File

Create a compressed archive of the file

Decompress File

Uncompress the file

PGP Encrypt

Encrypt and sign a file with a PGP key

PGP Decrypt

Decrypt and verify a file encrypted and signed with PGP

AES Encrypt

Encrypt a file with AES

AES Decrypt

Decrypt a file encrypted with AES

Create Empty File

Create a new empty marker file in a location spe

Actions support variable use for directory and file locations

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